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Play introduces a “fashion smartwatch”

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The new launch is available in two colour options, Champagne- Wine and Black-Black, and costs Rs 3,999. The new smartwatch has launched not only on Play’s dedicated e-commerce site but also on multi-brand platforms like Amazon India and Flipkart.

With the introduction of its brand-new “fashion smartwatch,” smartwatch company Play has strengthened its attention on the fashion industry. The watch, called “PlayFit Flaunt,” is made to appeal to a new group of fashion-conscious consumers.

Playfit Flaunt is the latest edition of our lauded PlayFit series and comes with numerous contemporary smartwatch features in addition to an envious product design to fulfil the fitness monitoring needs of our clients,” added Patel. “We will continue to invest in technical advancements and introduce additional goods that combine fashion with technology, making sure that our offerings are flaunt-worthy in addition to being driven by reliable and cutting-edge technology.”

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