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As the COVID Bf.7 strain spreads, you can use these gadgets to keep yourself safe

Technology, as usual, plays a significant role in this situation, and there are a few devices on the market that can assist you in keeping an eye on your health statistics and contributing to the sanitization of your surroundings. 

UV light sanitiser box

You can get a UV Light sanitizer box if you are concerned about the COVID virus that is present on your smartphones and other accessories. On-surface bacteria and pathogens can be killed by the ultraviolet light within, and some even use ozone to do this. Sanitizer boxes can be purchased for as little as Rs. 599, but a good one would set you back Rs. 4000.

Automatic Sanitizer Spray 

These start at Rs. 2500 and are fairly expensive, but they are necessary to maintain a hands-free sanitising method. Install it close to the front door of your home and instruct visitors and family members to quickly sanitize their hands before entering.

UV sanitizer stick

You can use this device, which costs under Rs. 3000, to give any of your items or clothing a UV light bath. They have UV light coming out of one end and resemble sticks. Remember not to stare at it directly.

Infrared Thermometer

Another useful tool for monitoring others nearby who show feverish symptoms is this one. This enables you to check for elevated body temperatures without making touch with the subject. Generally costs around Rs. 2000.

Pulse Oximeter 

A pulse oximeter is a great tool for continuing to look for COVID signs. Use this tiny device to monitor your blood oxygen saturation, which declines when you have COVID viral infection. It is readily available for less than Rs. 1500.

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