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The Dior Fall 2022 Men’s Show

Kim Jones returned to his hometown on Thursday, bringing with him a Dior Men counter-culture couture collection inspired by Jack Kerouac’s seminal novel “On the Road,” and feted by Grace Jones.

On the Road, the Beat Generation’s bible (a term coined by Kerouac), has been inspiring youths for over a half-century to find their own individual zeitgeist. And his fast-paced, jazzy prose served as the foundation for yet another smart, original, and likely influential collection for the house of Dior.

For fall 2022, a mix of college-kid Americana and French finesse, tempered with a dash of London street-style. The show, which was held inside the massive glass-roofed Olympia show space, was also Jones’ first catwalk event in London since 2003.

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