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APP-UCINO: Controlling the Ember Cup is a breeze, thanks to its paired app. Dial in your chosen temperature, set presets for different coffee types and receive notifications when your brew is drinkable

Festival season is finally upon us. And when you’re trudging through mud and throwing shapes night and day, your morning mug of wake up juice is more important than ever. But the British summer being what it is, you can’t always guarantee your coffee is going to stay warm all that long. Fortunately, Ember’s self-heating mugs can keep your brew boiling hot, no matter your cuppa of choice. The diminutive new Ember Cup is designed to keep your smaller beverages – such as a cappuccino, cortado, or flat white – at your preferred drinking temperature from 50°C to 62.5°C. Its built-in battery will last for 1.5 hours, or indefinitely when using the included charging coaster, and it comes in stylish matte black or copper finishes. And at £50 cheaper than the larger Mug2, this is an economical way to keep your espresso steaming hot.


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