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‘Kalp Haat’ By Saundh

This festive season, uncover the magic of a bygone era with Saundh’s new A/W collection, ‘Kalp Haat’.
Saundh is a brand that recognises the soul of the modern Indian woman, combining our country’s artistic legacy with current silhouettes. Every design collection tells an immersive storey of India’s rich culture and craft traditions, inspired by the past to build for the future.

The brand’s Ganjifa, Thangka, Saura, Rogan, and Sohrai Khovar subcollections strive to reimagine lesser-explored heritage arts to make them contemporary and opulent in appeal for the modern woman. The collection, dubbed ‘Ganjifa,’ offers classic silhouettes with digitally printed designs inspired by traditional hand-painted details found on royal playing cards.

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