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With Naso Profumi, Jade launches a perfume line.

Jade by Monica and Karishma, a women’s ready-to-wear brand, has teamed up with Naso Profumi, a sustainable perfume brand, to launch the ‘Scents of Jade’ fragrance collection. Two perfumes, ‘Oud Mud’ and ‘Pepper Wood,’ as well as a line of luxury candles, are included in the launch. The smells are aimed to encapsulate the spirit […]

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Nykaa launches its ‘Superstore’ app, which will collaborate with retailers

Retailers can access the whole spectrum of beauty, personal care, and wellness products on one platform, at distributor rates, with Nykaa Superstore. Nykaa promises that its new Superstore app will assist merchants in stocking the most popular categories, brands, and sizes, as well as reducing inventory and working capital requirements and increasing profitability. Nykaa will […]

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Coach opens store at Jio World Drive in Mumbai

Coach has opened a brick-and-mortar store in Mumbai’s Jio World Drive mall, complete with a ‘design-it-yourself’ experience centre and ready-to-wear collection. Jio World Drive announced on Facebook that Coach has opened a new store on the ground floor of Jio World Drive, which will sell handbags and leather products. The store’s design is influenced by […]

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Outhouse Jewellery has unveiled a new monogram designed to evoke childhood enthusiasm, optimism, and vitality. Nature inspired the five-petal poppy flower emblem. It maintains Outhouse’s distinctive aesthetic of sophisticated yet adventurous creations, but with a modern twist that adds a delicate softness to it. Each of the five petals that surround the ‘OH’ emblem represents […]

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