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Shopsy by Flipkart to help create entrepreneurs in India

Shopsy by Flipkart to help create entrepreneurs in India


Walmart-owned e-commerce firm Flipkart has launched an app called ‘Shopsy’, which it claims will help create entrepreneurs in India with zero investment.

 Shopsy will offer its users access to catalogues of a wide selection of 15 crore products offered by Flipkart sellers across fashion, beauty, among others to potential customers via popular social media and messaging apps.


Flipkart’s Shopsy model is similar to Shopify, which helps businesses set up online stores. In Shopsy, Flipkart will act as a channel between the seller and the reseller.


“With Shopsy, Flipkart aims to enable over 25 million online entrepreneurs by 2023 as they reap the benefits of digital commerce. Entrepreneurs now will utilize Flipkart’s catalogue, established delivery networks, and infrastructure to bring reliability and speed. These benefits will help them enhance the end consumers’ experience, which in turn help them grow their business,” added Sikaria.


Flipkart has been investing heavily in India amid Covid-19 disruptions coupled with protests by traders to maintain its market dominance in the Indian e-commerce market

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