Gap introduces its first NFT collection


 Gap announced the launch of its first collection of non-fungible tokens on Wednesday.
The clothing company is introducing a “gamified” digital experience for the launch, which will allow customers to own a limited edition, collectible Gap hoodie.

Tezos, an open source blockchain, will be used to create the customer experience. Tezos is known for using a more energy efficient approach to secure its network, resulting in minimal energy consumption and a low carbon footprint.

Brandon Sines, the artist behind Frank Ape, collaborated on the limited edition NFT collection.

“Gap has always been at the intersection of music, art, and culture, so we are excited about this growth opportunity in the digital space with artists like Brandon Sines,” said Chris Goble, Gap North America’s chief product officer and general manager.

Gap said it is entering the NFT space to learn more about how its customers want to interact in a digitally led world.


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