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For the ‘Equally Beautiful’ campaign, Ritu Kumar teams up with models from all over India

In collaboration with a group of creatives, Ritu Kumar’s latest campaign, ‘Equally Beautiful,’ combines fashion and activism as the company celebrates the diversity of Indian culture and its numerous aesthetics alongside its own designs.

Ritu Kumar’s ‘Equally Beautiful’ campaign, now in its second edition, brought together creatives and models from around the country, according to the brand’s Facebook page. For the campaign, Mumbai-based photographer Bikramjit Bose photographed a group of ladies from all parts of India, dressed in a variety of traditional style ensembles from the company and using cosmetics to exhibit their cultures and promote them as all equally attractive and part of India.

The brand’s first ever ‘Equally Beautiful’ featured just one model, actress Zoya Hussain, who wore the garb of a number of different religions. This time, the brand has expanded the project to include multiple models and reaffirm its commitment to diversity. 

Designer Ritu Kumar launched her eponymous brand in 1969 and the label has become known for its celebratory use of traditional textiles and empowered female aesthetic. The brand retails from its flagship stores and multi-brand retailers across India and internationally as well as its e-commerce store. 

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